Enigma, is a shadowy organisation dedicated to the Emperor's service. Its operatives are the cream of the Empire's legions, the worst of its criminal scum or the latest development in cybernetics. They are the only people who have a chance of getting on board Zoff's ship,rescuing Ambassador Kryxix, capturing General Zoff and either taking or destroying his Zoff-5 starbase.

SYYLK Xzyylk 'Khaa' Khlaan
SUBJECT: Insectivoroid native of Khryzthys (Planet XYLON) in the little known Auron systems  AGE: unknown  STATUS: Second in command
Recruited after heroic service in the Empire's legions. A ruthless and fearless fighter. However, has pathological hatred of General Zoff who enslaved his home world. Almost nothing is know of this member of the Enigma team as he is the most reticent regarding his background and his reasons for recruitment. As a policy we have decided to press no further and simply employ his more than ample talents.
Fearless in the face of battle, he has been involved in many missions against Republician troops and displays an almost boundless hatred for his opponents matched only by his ferocity and tireless strength.He wears a special hi-tensity alloy armour that serves not only to protect his insectivoroid frame but also disquises his natural appearance which most humanoid species find repellant.  HINT: Excellent fighter. Always wears battle armour. Physically strong.

"I am Syylk,
the muscle on this mission. And that´s gonna come pretty handy at the moment as we´ve just cornered Captain Churl..."
SUBJECT: Humanoid native of New Mars in the Earth II system  AGE: 22 standard cycles of age  STATUS: Specialist
A persistent and deadly malfactor, with a criminal record ranging from arms smuggling to organised mayhem. Recruited direct from the death cell on Kerol, upon Torik´s recommendation. Fiercely independent and only loyal to herself. Caution advised. Also known as the "Mistress of Mayhem".
Orphaned at the age of 13, she has fend for herself ever since. Criminal records show offences ranging from smuggling, gun-running and trading of stolen goods to extortion, kidnapping and murder. Her final offence resulted in her incarceration on the prison planet Kerol where she was awaiting neural termination. A rebel to the last, she was in the process of affecting her escape when our agents arrived for her indoctrination. Although her freedom should she suceed in her first mission.
This is not strictly the truth, as we have enough evidence on file to persuade her to remain in our employ for quite some time! Her knowledge of fire-arms and explosives is almost as extensive as that of her rumoured partner and tutor Torik. She also holds a first class pilot´s licence, though it was seized by Legion Flieght Control several years ago, this has not stopped her from becoming one of the most adept fliers in Empire space. Her knowledge of hidden criminal flight-paths through the treacherous Norgol Asteroid Belt deep into Republican air-space will prove a great asset. Sometimes overly independant, she has proven in training to be a determinded fighter usuing speed and agility to scout for the group. Although her allegiances are not yet fully validated, it is hoped she will rise and become one of our top agents.  HINT: Excellent markswoman and locksmith.

"Sevrina´s the name.
There is no lock I cannot unpick, no door I cannot pass through and no man who can match me ... "
SUBJECT: Manton Transbot MK.IX - a Roboid construct from Enigma´s mech-division.  STATUS: Transporter
Manto, now an out dated unit, is used primarily to place trans-pads in enemy territory unassailable to the other team members. Thus allowing a fighting force to beam directly to the action. Althought possessing only minimal artifical intelligence this particular model displays humanoid traits in it´s speech and personality modes which are due to be dealt with accordingly. He is the only member of the team with transporter ability.  HINT: Has limited self-defense capabilities, must be protected. The transport function is vital to the success of the mission.
"Look I´m just
here to carry the transporter - stand back. Just don´t leave me alone or I won´t make it through - and neither will you... "
SPECIES: M.A.U.L - Multi purpose / Attack / Unit / L Class. Roboid construct from Enigma´s mech-division.  STATUS: Combot
Utilizing an old external design, it is secretly one of the latest and most deadly innovations from the mech-division special weapons force. The MAUL unit consist of little or no intelligence, depending upon the mission to which is assigned.
It is capable of carrying an almost limitless supply of Enigma´s deadliest weapons and will brook no inteferences from opposing factions, slaying all who stand against it. M.A.U.L. is almost indestructable throught rather slow. Although it´s creator have great faith in this their latest construct, it has yet to be fully tested in the field and even then it´s reactions cannot be predicted.  HINT: Designed to carry many different weapon systems. Selfdefence capabilities excellent. However, not yet tested in combat. Slow moving but well protected.
""Brrr...phhtt... -
Name: Maul...
Status:Weapons droid...
Damage: Limited...
phhtt..zzz... "
SUBJECT: Humanoid native of Cyron in the Orak systems.  AGE: 38 standard cycles of age.  STATUS: Team Leader
Zark joined the Enigma team after 10 years in the Empire Legions. He rose to the rank of Captain in the Blue Legion after the Battle of Serifan where he incurred grevious wounds that caused the transplant of many major internal plastoid organs plus a cybernetic arm. He holds the Bronze Star and Order of the Empire for his services and impeccable record in the Legion. A hardened fighter, he is versed in the fighting skills of both the Academy and the martial arts of his home world. His artifical arm gives him fighting strenght far beyond normal humans. Zark resigned from the Legion due to differing opinions over the Battle of Serifan where he saw the cause of his injuries as stemming from incompetence by the Legion supreme tacticians.
Co-erced into joining Enigma after information was fed to him of a spurious attack of his homeworld. He would not trust the Legionto be of any use in defending Cyron and so joined our ranks to take part in whats he thought was the total annihilation of the approaching enemy task-force. These ships were in fact, merely programmed automatons which were told to cause maximum damage with little loss of life. This information must never be revealed to a man who is now one of our most valuable assets.  HINT: Through knowledge of weapons. Expert in un-armed combat. Translator.

"I, Zark Montor
have been chosen by our beloved Emperor to lead the Enigma team on its rescue mission.
Follow me... "
SPECIES: Avian native of Chresin in the Thalus system.  AGE: 32 standard cycles of age  STATUS: Specialist
An notorious ex gun-runner, galactic free booter and pirate among the lesser worlds, he was serving a life sentence for smuggling arm with an unknown humanoid female to his native planet for their internal tribal skirmishes when Empire Policy introduced the induction of known offenders into Enigma in return for cancellation of their sentences. We have recruited Torik from the prison cell on Thalus.
It was thought that Torik and other detainees like himself may prove invaluable with their knowlege of the criminal network thta extends even into Republican territories and operates regardless of Tolvor´s rule. His powers of flight are obviously useful but his knowledge of weapons and explosives make him a vital member of any strike force. upon his recommendation the female Sevrina Maris is due for induction.  HINT: Associate of Sevrina Maris. Resourceful, capable and cunning individual. Scout.

"The name´s Torik.
And before anyone says this mission´s failed because I´m bird-brained,
I´m winging my way out of here. "