You will note three different coloured MONITOR icons and one QUIT icon on the right of the screen. With these icons gives access to the action of each team-member. With the QUIT icon, you can also access to the CHARACTER STATUS SCREEN.
'Yellow' Icon
The "YELLOW MONITOR ICON" gives access to the characters Objects screen.
It allows the the player there to pick-up, drop or equip objects etc.

'Red' Icon
By selecting the
"RED MONITOR ICON" gives access to the characters Battle screen.
It allows the player to choose their attacks, defends, retreats etc.

'Green' Icon
By selecting the "GREEN MONITOR ICON" gives access to the characters Movement screen.
The menu in that screen enables you to move your characters.

'Quit' Icon
Select this icon when you have completed a task and wish to return to previous screen.
Or use it to cancel your last command.

Yellow 'OBJECT' Screen
Pickup Icon
'PICK-UP' Icon
For Pick-up an object. Move over this icon and activate it, then select the object of your choice.
The icon will appear in the inventory of the screen (middle) as an object carried by the character.

Drop Icon
To drop an object.
Move the cursor over this icon and activate it. Then select the object in your inventory your are carried.
The item will re-appear on the left of the screen as an object in the same location as the character.
Activate Icon
To arm a weapon system, start a transporter pad, start the self-destruct sequence, etc.
Remember that special Items can only activate by the specified characters: e.g. only Manto can activate the transporter unit.
equip Icon
This icon let you select which object a character will hold ready for active use. Move the cursor over the icon desired on either the left or middle sections of the screen and select it. The object will appear below this icon.

inventory section
The screen in the middle is your Inventory. All the stuff you picked-up will be stored here.
OBJECTS Position Section
This section will display all the stuff for pick-up/activation at your current position.

OBJECTS Position Section
The weight-scale bar at the bottom line indicates the weight of the stuff your´re carrying. Don´t let it rise into the 'overloading'

• Make sure you use this icon when you arma character, otherwise they will obliged to use bare hands in combat!
• Tools are normally activated using the Activate icon; however, specialist objects such as the Self Destruct Unit may require an additional
   command icon. Such objects are activated using the following icons: Activate & Command icon
• Weapons are automatically activated in combat situations, but only if the character has a weapon held at the ready.
• The weight-scale bar indicates the weight you´re carryin and has influence in your moving-speed. The weight-scale bar is only visible in
   the OBJECT and STATUS Sections.
Red 'BATTLE' Screen
Attack Icon
This Icon commands a character to do battle. If they are successful they will adavance in the enemy´s location.
The character status icon on the left-upper screen will turn to PURPLE.
Defend Icon
This icon commands a character to stand fast and do battle.
The character status icon on the left-upper screen will turn to ORANGE.

Retreat Icon
This icon commands a character to retire to the next location.
The character status icon on the left-upper screen will turn to YELLOW.

Location Icon
This icon enables you to look into a characters´s current location or adjacent locations. Then you can identify other characters, before continue with further steps.

Battle DIRECTION Screen
Direction Icon
Here are the possible 'attack'/'retreat' indicators.
Use this screen to give your command a direction.
Battle LOCATION Screen
Location Icon
This screen actually shows the selected characters or shows enemys in neaby locations.

How to battle:
1. Choose your character and move to the red battle screen.
2. In the Battle Screen Menu you have to confirm the Attack-Icon command.
3. Then move to the Battle 'DIRECTION' screen to choose the possible direction of the attack.
4. The attack will be accomplished in that choosen direction.
5. Your status icon color will not change until the fight is over.

• You get a message when a team member is under attack. The character Status icon (upper-left screen) will turn purple indicating they are
   under attack. The battle continues until either your character or their opponent is slain.
• Battles are resolved in the same location a character or between adjacent locations. The computer will tell you if a battle cannot be resolved.
• Before starting a battle you have to be sure that your choosen heroes are all "equipped" a weapon.
Green 'MOVEMENT' Screen

Arrows Icon
You see here a number of arrows. These movement icons lets the player decide in which direction the character should move. The filled arrow(s) show possible directions for the character to move.
To command a character to move simply place the cursor over any of the filled arrows and confirm it.

Position INFO Screen
description screen
This info screen gives a text description of your heroes current position.
Now your are at the "Fighter Bay Catwalk".

• Occasionally a character may refuse to respond. Either they are faces by a locked door and required a keycard or they are about to be
• The location info is perfect to identify your exact position on the Zoff-5 starbase.
• Don´t forget to check you location in the Object-Screen-Menu, maybe you can find some usefull stuff at that position...

'QUIT' Screen

Direction Icon
Often wrong commands are given in stressful situations, which make this to an important icon.
You will find it in every screen of the game. Use it to cancel every wrong command you did.
If you havn´t choosed any icon, you can go to the previous screens and further.
The icon mostly used for two tasks:
1. Go back to a previous screen.
2. If you have selected a wrong icon and wants to cancel the selection.
Character 'STATUS' Screen

The STATUS screen gives you direct access to: 'Current position', 'Character Status', 'Objects', 'Movement' and 'Battle'.
This is the first screen you see when select a character.
Character Status Screen

Strength, Speed, Agility and Weight are all connected. Some characters are stronger, some faster, some have more Stamina and some can carry more. (Consider the hints under each of the character´s PROFILE elsewhere in the ENIGMA TEAM section). Weakened characters may recover during the mission. You can also beam your character back to the Enigma craft to recover. While onboard unarm them and wait until they regain their strenght or heal their wounds. After you regain back your strength rearm and beam back to Zoff V and continue your mission.
strength Icon STRENGTH
The green bar indicates the strenght of a character. It may be change lenght during the mission. If you hit by enemy fire, the strength bar will decrease.
agility Icon AGILITY
This bar shows the speed of movement possible for each character.
The other states affects your movement speed.

This bar is most likely decrease during the mission!
It shows the physical endurance of each character.

weight Icon WEIGHT
If a character picks up an object, a green bar will appear at the bottom line. If carry to much the bar will turn red and slow your movement.

Always rest your character after a bout of fighting. This involves not moving and dropping weapons carried.